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  • So true James, they are a joke of an organisation. Scotland & England need to stick together & tell FIFA where to go.!!—>@Whaddonjohn51
  • Looking forward to speaking with students from @RGSNewcastle later today—>@JonathanArnott
  • US Directioners! So excited for you to see the stickers I drew for the limited edition #UpAllNight deluxe yearbook!? 🙂 x—>@zaynmalik
  • Harry has co-wrote 5 songs on the album, Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool's Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, and Change Your Ticket.—>@HSupdating
  • Trump is not looking at someone's political affiliation, he wants the best and the brightest people to fill his administration—>@foxandfriends (To @seanspicer)
  • The Government has announced funding for the Royal Family will almost double for the next ten years to fund renovation of Buckingham Palace.The Government says a ten-year refit at Buckingham Palace will cost £369m in order to "future-proof" the residence—>@SkyNewsBreak

So, help me understand, what happens to all the revenue from tourism. Is that not used yearly to   maintain fabric of building.—>@JackridRob (To @SkyNewsBreak)

  • Hello @Jollanka1 Thank you! I love Tamara! I'm very good! And you?—>@mcteerovich(To @Jollanka1 )
  • ?Yesterday I listen her sing all day.She have a very nice voice.??Thank you for picture.I am good too.☺—>@Jollanka1 (To @mcteerovich)
  • Tutorial tray it healthy snacks for evening tea—>@cakes_laila (For the image below)                                                          wiliscope-com
  • The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. – Alan Saporta —>@LifeWithJohn
  • Joder! Ya no esperan ni a que se caigan las hojas ???(Damn it! Dont to be waiting for falling of leaves—>@DeCazaLaChasse(For the image below)
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